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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 5, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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and our crews have obtained new details about chaotic confrontation that led to the cm thursday january 5th. this is bay area news at 7:00. school bus driver is facing criminal charges to want. he's accused of molesting disabled children in his care. top story 7:00 live in san francisco where police want to know if there are more potential victims. >> this is the city's school bus yard which is run by the contractor's first student. police say it qon a small bus like this one that two different disabled girls were molested by a driver. >> reporter: as students got
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out of class today they had not a care in the world. >> they need to reach out to their children if they believe é-m driver is accused of assaulting two little girls. >> reporter: he's now in jail awaiting trail for allegedly assaulting a disabled girl in 2004 and another last year. he drove routes all over the city starting in 1994 and ending last april. >> we want to reach out to the public and provide a picture of this bus driver to the public so that to help find qany new victims. >> reporter: she was outraged at the news that this gave. >> bad people find a way, you know. stuff happens sometimes and it's really terrible. >> reporter: i talked to officials at disabled drive california who said they're not
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company officials in ohio told me that marty passed the criminal background check and that the company is in shock by the allegations. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are helping fingerprint. an apartment manager confronted the burglar on kernny street on tuesday. they said the suspect ran off and spent 30 hours hiding in head and brush. bus a resident in the area q police he saw a man slide down the hill and walk off. the suspect has not been seen since. just about 30 minutes ago george gsdgo was sworn in. it is historic.
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won election in november. he chose mission high school for his swearing in because he once was a high school drop out. >> we want to take this opportunity to really highlight the desparate need that we have to invest more in our inner city education. >> he now has a law degree. he told us his goals include lowering the number of offenders who go to commit another qday grieving family an friends gunned down in oakland have been paying their respects. a wake was held for gabrielle martinez jr. the little boy was shot death last friday night. they don't believe the child was the target and that he was hit by a stray bullet. reward of up to $25,000 is
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tomorrow at saint elizabeth church in oakland. republican contenders for president barred stored in the up coming primary state of new hampshire and south carolina. >> bigger and bigger government, more intrusive, leads to weakness, to loss of liberty and to poverty. >> mitt romney campaigned for 2008 no, ma'amny in new hampshire. former massachusetts governor holds double digit lead in the polls there. he aims at qpresident obama rather than republican rival. he came in close second urged voters not to rush to judgment. >> look at the candidates and examine them carefully. look at their records across the board. look at not just what their +ch@d
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turn -- conservative alternative to romney. they're scheduled to face off this weekend. president obama did something no acting president in chief did something before. he went to pentagon to announce big shift in strategy. the changes include readjustments and downsizing. >> one look where president obama outlined his new military significance. >> first time the president has done this. >> qprofile appearance announced a tearing down of military. comes after months of study and tightened budget. capacity would be smaller. >> we will be strengthening our presence in the asia pacific and budget reductions will not y+!é
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iran has tested missiles recently, china's military continues to grow. many republicans and congress and military advocates say this isn't the time to change long time strategy of being anal to fight two -- of being able to fight two wars in war. >> we have to be careful. >> reporter: specific cuts aren't outlined yet. defense secretary insist they won't change military readiness. >> the reality is you can face a land war in korea and at the same qthreats in the straight support moves. we have the capability with this joint force to deal with those kind of threats to be able to confront them and to be able to win. >> reporter: he did warn across the board congressional cuts
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teens and young adults. $1.5billion program is expected to create 180,000 positions about half are paid. but officials say the money isn't the only goal here, the program is also designed to teach young people job skills and work ethic. the labor department says 16% of people age 16-24 are unemployed. california governor jerry brown had why it appeared there are more painful cuts in store. for. on the economy watch tonight encouraging new numbers that qnumber of people seeking unemployment benefits fell last week. weekly applications dropped by 15,000 to 372,000. that's 11% lower than this time last year and the average over the past four with weeks declined to the lowest level in more than 3 years. %5d
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players compete to see how many words they can form with randomly assigned letters in two minutes. meantime facebook users are being told to watch out for potentially damaging virus that's effected tens of thousands of people. that story ahead qin 7 minutes. things got heated today in oakland city hall where occupy protesters demanded a meeting with the mayor. struggle broke out between police and protesters who tried to push their way inside. they demanded to meet with the mayor, eventually another city official v91"h second demand is immediate and release harassment for people arrested for first amendment rights. >> reporter: they got into confrontation with police. occupy protesters many of
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them older at the bank of america branch on mission street. as the group arrived they locked its doors. one protester told ktvu she's witnessed all the social movements of qthe past and saying this isn't different. high surf advisory is in effect right now along the coast. winds are expected to get larger as the evening progresses. meteorologist says they should peak tomorrow morning particularly at high tide which is 8:49:00 a.m. at the golden gate. beaches. it's set to expire at 6:00 tomorrow evening. meteorologist will have the complete forecast ahead in 13 minutes. happening now, trying to prevent another situation like what we caught on camera. it happened at the last maverick big wave surf contest. a meeting to discuss crab control started about an hour ago in half moon bay.
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two years ago high waves washed spectators injuring more than a dozen people. it keeps fans off the beach but it does include a live tv qdo h that meeting right now. we'll have a full report coming up on tonight's 10:00 news. a young bison recently brought to san francisco's golden gate park died after confrontation involving dogs. what we learned about the k9 and the woman talking them. united states, still ahead. we currently have mostly clear skies across bay area, cool down expected for tomorrow coming up the neighborhood it will cool off 10 degrees here friday and wet part of your weekend, could be tracking gusty winds. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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about two dozen workers picketed outside this morning marking five weeks since they went on strike. the employees are upset about a manager proposal. today we learned federal two men with handguns fell h old up the wells fargo bank about 10:30 this morning. a witness said the robber's burst in and told everyone to get down on the floor then demanded money. police say two men wearing dark hodaddies got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. new information tonight a -- death of bison in golden gate park. it reports it now appeared more than one dog triggered the
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incident and q for the dog was lacking leashes. >> recreation and parks department officials say they were notified of disturbance in the golden gate park. >> responded and when she got there, we observed a dog 3f >> officials think the dogs -- the animals worked up at a flight. most likely crashed into a post. >> san francisco zoo veterinarians found a baby bison one recently obtained with three broken ribs. the bison was treated and released died later in the day. won't say if bison ran into electric finance. >> bison in the park for over
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100 qyears. >> it's very important to control your pets. >> i think if you let them off the leash, you do it knowing the risk. >> reporter: in this report ktvu has obtained identifies the dog walker as 39-year-old corin who lived nearby. two. san francisco zoo officials say they're performing on the dead bison. facebook users are being warned about malicious internet worm. according to the company's learned about 45,000 facebook accounts have been hacked. the worm still facebook user's names and pass words. criminals then log on to the victim's account and post a malicious link. >> they want to get into your account so qwho trusts you trusts them automatically.
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that creates -- they can -- for making money. >> reporter: facebook tells us it is working to beef up antivirus system. the company urges users never to click on strange links and held a special closed door session this afternoon. it is done filing a lawsuit against the social network giant. they're worried about the impact and limited traffic on the road. there's no word on whether the city council made a decision to take legal action. jerry brown mistakenly released his new state budget plan online today and instead of -- instead of next week. it includes cut welfare program. funding for qpublic schools universities and courts should be next if voters don't approve
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the tax increases he's trying to put on the november ballot. you can go to for more on the budget plan. urging owners of the new volt to bring their cars back they say the crashes caused cool -- coolant to link. it caused fires days or weeks later. it involves strengthening a steel plate. tiny start up hit the mother load this week after major endorsement from no less than the president of the united states. consumer editor is now official picture sharing for the 2012 campaign. instar gram has 10 employees cofounder says the free qhas caught on. >> we launched a little over a year ago in that times inned over 15 million registered
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users. >> you can download for free as with twitter you have mass followers people with whom you can instantly share photos. >> it's a big moment they mean they can use it to communicate db >> campaign contact. make sure that we had the name reserved we went out of her way to make sure -- out of our way to make sure that that happened. we worked with them briefly to make sure everything is set up and they're official and made it happen. >> in the last 2 days the campaign put up four photos including two of him skypeing with iowa supporters. newt gingrich and other politicians have signed up as well. they control the pictures they q post, but followers also post on the account as the obama campaign allows. objectionable and distasteful.
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>> no one can take down photos except for us. we have a very active, you know, community policing going on, so any type of photos that tom bay car ktvu news channel 2 news. between hbo and netflix heated up. it will no longer sell discounted dvd shows to netflix. since they can buy them from other sources it's the latest move in the on going competition. last month netflix ceo hastings said hbo go, the competitor we fear the most. pentagon wants to know if hollywood film maker was given too much information about the q secret mission that killed osama bin laden. it's investigating the release of information to director catherine big low who also directed the film hurt mocker. she's working on the movie
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about the hunt for bin laden. concern too many details about the mission were given out. the white house has denied smell. it surfaced 2 months ago after pipeline burst at the old naval weapons station. the county health department says crews are back to work after the holidays and owners are escaping from the soil. county officials are monitoring the situation, say the smell is harmless. with san francisco's oldest neighborhood of getting a major clean up. we'll tell you what's being done and when it's expected to wrap up. high surf advisory went into effect qan hour ago. we'll let you know how big those waves are going to get. you can watch bay area at 7:00 and all our newscast on your computer or mobile device. we're streaming live for you at -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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the parade is set for february february 11. we're wrapping up another fairly nice day, plenty of sunshine. it's also a pretty -- it's after pretty cold start this morning. temperatures starting to cool off. some areas of fog out there, neighborhoods back down to 30s. weekend forecast, more sunshine. things do pick up as we head into saturday. we have been talking aboutqresu advisory in place as swell increasing west northwest. so as a result you can see waves have been picking up throughout the day and today peaking as you head into early friday morning. this is a sizable surf event. it's not extreme.
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when you're on the beach especially when you have a high surf advisory. that will be the case for tonight and into your friday. overnight lows tomorrow morning -- overnight lows tomorrow morning. back down into 30s. oakland at 43. san jose 42. we'll start off to partly maybe cloudy observations. >> the this area of low pressure moves in from the north and cool us off a good 5 to 10 qdegrees especially off towards sanna row saw. tomorrow the coolest day of the week we'll take this into your weekend. this system heads to our east, still plenty of sunshine out there, not even cloud producer. it will increase wind speed as we head into saturday, mid- morning into the afternoon hours. wind increasing out of the
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tomorrow morning. then into the afternoon hours few high clouds will be moving in. main clouds shield heads out to the east as that system drops out towards the reno area. for tomorrow here in the bay area, patchy fog and cool, sun cloud mix by the 12:00 hour. partly cloudy skies by 3:00. temperatures will be cooler than today. warmest location on track to reach 60s. san jose tops out right around 60. serious qlook ahead, extended forecast with weekend in view plenty of sunshine upcoming weekend. wind speeds pick up in saturday. bring partly cloudy skies for monday and tuesday of next week. >> mark, thank you. three airmen wounded in afghanistan received one of afghanistan received one of military's íç=8vdx',6&éctó#6xy2s
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injured by improvise explosive devices. ied went off 4 feet away, he described it as being hit by a bus going 100 miles an hour on fire. that is our report for tonight, i'm -- thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues online at tmmz is up next -- tmz is up next qhere on tv36. [ mom ] hey guys.
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